Monday, March 30, 2015

Trusting that you have good intentions

I would like to trust people have good intentions but trusting people have never been a strong suit. I am good at being positive and damming some individuals out my life whom I really feel is the spawn of the devil that crawled out he cracks of hell. My trust factor is the toughest one alive. Like for instance, when you are planning something and the person you are expressing your situation to says "let me know if you need me to help you with anything". Do they really mean that? Nine out of ten times the answer is "no". They say it because it sounds good and they think it makes them look good and polite. Just like when I'm about to dig into some good food that I have been feigning for all week and I say to someone " Do you want some" clearly I don't mean it, and depending on the person I would not typically ask that question. Therefore, when other people offer up things, I really don't think they mean it. I have even called a few people out on this false hope of charity only to find they make an excuse for not directly honoring what they just offered. The 25% of people that do cannot accomplish the immediate acceptance of the offer and struggle to make it happen or fall clearly off the face of the earth. I would like to trust people have good intentions but in fact most people that offer up this false gratuity in fact cannot help themselves. The best thing to always do is politely smile and go off and take care of it yourself. The day will go a lot smoother and you can avoid looking at other people as if they have a face that looks like a donkey's ass.

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