Monday, April 27, 2015

Speak No Evil

Censorship is a tumor that has been imposed on us to control how we think. Part of the main idea of censorship is to desexualize and moralize things in an immoral world. It proves that we do not have the freedom that the government wants us to believe we have. What is freedom of expression if there are stipulations on what constitutes freedom? My main point is I am not free to oppose the government. Doing so will label me a terrorist and will put me in a whole new bracket called enemy. My conversation will be recorded, paper trails documented, my movement will be surveillance to say the least. Yet we have freedom of speech and expression.

But what happens when censorship fails. It causes destructions and separation. It creates a being that one group of people is better than the other. One group of people looking their nose down on another group of people. It causes "occupy wall street", it causes "black lives matter", it causes "Freddie Gray" riot. It says that ok to be an exotic dancer and legalize marijuana.

To be honest I don't give a shit about censorship and the stigma it has on society. The truth is no matter what we do we are somehow abiding to it. From social media to social setting it is evident it is always present and the presentation of it expected through the way we dress and conduct ourselves in these settings.What happens when you do not conform to censorship? Greatness thrives. Greatness do not thrive by censoring yourself. Greatness thrives by not giving a fuck. When are you going to give up being a sheep and not give a fuck?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

There is Strength in Success

My divine nature indicates I should do what makes me happy. I have always done so. Somehow along the way I have been trapped into what the masses presume how I should feel, what I should think and what I should believe. I didn't know the world was so twisted until I got a bit older, even though I have traveled intensively before my maturity stood strong. I did not believe in racism because I never experienced racism just like I did not believe in sexism. I classify those things as excuses people make to justify why they can't do something or why it is not getting done. Basically, you are letting negative elements control your fate.

I have a severe anxiety problem and within that I have learned adjust my emotions to overcome most of my fears through the years. I chose overcome it because i chose not let it control me. Just as if you have an ailment you may pray it away, meditate, take medicine or whatever it is you do to block that energy from submerging your life. As human beings we do what is best in every opportunity to feel better when we are not well. We have a supreme control over ourselves. Therefore, why is it that you allow another human being to taint your mind. Make you sick to the point that you can not function without their consent to accomplish your success.

Many people say I look through rose colored glasses. Introspectively, I do not. I just merely assess my surroundings and choose how it affects me. I choose to go right when the crowd is going left because that is what i am most comfortable doing. I choose to push on when the crowd is pointing every finger at me telling me how stupid it is or why it can not work because I believe my path have a function. It is not fair for you to let others impose their judgmental ideals on you and it is absurd for you to obey the pack only to remain on the same playing field as them.

Success is not what happens when you find the right stock idea or save up a bunch of money. Success is what happen when you dare not to give a fuck. Yes, I just used profanity. That is the strength in success. To be beyond what other people want you to be with no regrets by not caring to acknowledge their judgmental opinions, taking irreversible risk and seeing your goals through no matter the obstacle.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

While I wasted my time my time going down my timeline I came across a post that baffled me. This gentleman stated:

"I think when a good looking girl go out with a ugly guy it's a self-confidence issue . They don't believe they look as good as they do so they date on the level they feel they are . Yes I really think that . If not it's about money ."

Of course I disagreed because I have always had a strange complex. Yes, I am capable of being attracted to ugly men just as I am attracted to fat guys. Of course being a beauty people have the tenacity to be confused by this. Just because I posses a superficial demeanor do not mean I have a superficial heart. Many people do… Society do. A person's admiration or attractiveness to an ugly guy may not be due to monetary or social intentions. A person with an ugly face can have a good heart just like anyone else. Ugly people are not aliens even though some people tend to alienate them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beauty of a man's kind heart and confidence is the ultimate badge of honor. It is insanely attractive. And if he is charismatic as well, then he have simply won me over. 

I think the bigger issue is what women want. They have a laundry list of wants. However, what a women want is not necessarily what she needs. I have the tendency to think I want something. My typical type was tall and athletic. And that was my track record. My first three boyfriends was tall and  one was even six foot nine ( I'm only five feet tall).One of my previous boyfriends was none of those things at all. He was five seven average body type and very plain. In fact I wasn't even going to give him the time of day. I told him if he could remember my phone number I would go out with him. To my surprise he called me the next day, we went out, and ended up in a 4 year relationship. It was not what  I wanted or on my specifics list at that time but behold I ended up in a relationship with a man who adored me. 

I don't think you should give up on your dream man, but your dream man could be in front of you and you could completely turn him down and then you are back to " there is no good men left" club. Why? Because you haven't taken the time to see what is in his heart. Don't get me wrong… ugly guys can be dogs too. However, looking beyond the superficial can set you up to be in a happy place.