Thursday, April 2, 2015

There is Strength in Success

My divine nature indicates I should do what makes me happy. I have always done so. Somehow along the way I have been trapped into what the masses presume how I should feel, what I should think and what I should believe. I didn't know the world was so twisted until I got a bit older, even though I have traveled intensively before my maturity stood strong. I did not believe in racism because I never experienced racism just like I did not believe in sexism. I classify those things as excuses people make to justify why they can't do something or why it is not getting done. Basically, you are letting negative elements control your fate.

I have a severe anxiety problem and within that I have learned adjust my emotions to overcome most of my fears through the years. I chose overcome it because i chose not let it control me. Just as if you have an ailment you may pray it away, meditate, take medicine or whatever it is you do to block that energy from submerging your life. As human beings we do what is best in every opportunity to feel better when we are not well. We have a supreme control over ourselves. Therefore, why is it that you allow another human being to taint your mind. Make you sick to the point that you can not function without their consent to accomplish your success.

Many people say I look through rose colored glasses. Introspectively, I do not. I just merely assess my surroundings and choose how it affects me. I choose to go right when the crowd is going left because that is what i am most comfortable doing. I choose to push on when the crowd is pointing every finger at me telling me how stupid it is or why it can not work because I believe my path have a function. It is not fair for you to let others impose their judgmental ideals on you and it is absurd for you to obey the pack only to remain on the same playing field as them.

Success is not what happens when you find the right stock idea or save up a bunch of money. Success is what happen when you dare not to give a fuck. Yes, I just used profanity. That is the strength in success. To be beyond what other people want you to be with no regrets by not caring to acknowledge their judgmental opinions, taking irreversible risk and seeing your goals through no matter the obstacle.

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