Monday, April 27, 2015

Speak No Evil

Censorship is a tumor that has been imposed on us to control how we think. Part of the main idea of censorship is to desexualize and moralize things in an immoral world. It proves that we do not have the freedom that the government wants us to believe we have. What is freedom of expression if there are stipulations on what constitutes freedom? My main point is I am not free to oppose the government. Doing so will label me a terrorist and will put me in a whole new bracket called enemy. My conversation will be recorded, paper trails documented, my movement will be surveillance to say the least. Yet we have freedom of speech and expression.

But what happens when censorship fails. It causes destructions and separation. It creates a being that one group of people is better than the other. One group of people looking their nose down on another group of people. It causes "occupy wall street", it causes "black lives matter", it causes "Freddie Gray" riot. It says that ok to be an exotic dancer and legalize marijuana.

To be honest I don't give a shit about censorship and the stigma it has on society. The truth is no matter what we do we are somehow abiding to it. From social media to social setting it is evident it is always present and the presentation of it expected through the way we dress and conduct ourselves in these settings.What happens when you do not conform to censorship? Greatness thrives. Greatness do not thrive by censoring yourself. Greatness thrives by not giving a fuck. When are you going to give up being a sheep and not give a fuck?

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