Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

While I wasted my time my time going down my timeline I came across a post that baffled me. This gentleman stated:

"I think when a good looking girl go out with a ugly guy it's a self-confidence issue . They don't believe they look as good as they do so they date on the level they feel they are . Yes I really think that . If not it's about money ."

Of course I disagreed because I have always had a strange complex. Yes, I am capable of being attracted to ugly men just as I am attracted to fat guys. Of course being a beauty people have the tenacity to be confused by this. Just because I posses a superficial demeanor do not mean I have a superficial heart. Many people do… Society do. A person's admiration or attractiveness to an ugly guy may not be due to monetary or social intentions. A person with an ugly face can have a good heart just like anyone else. Ugly people are not aliens even though some people tend to alienate them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beauty of a man's kind heart and confidence is the ultimate badge of honor. It is insanely attractive. And if he is charismatic as well, then he have simply won me over. 

I think the bigger issue is what women want. They have a laundry list of wants. However, what a women want is not necessarily what she needs. I have the tendency to think I want something. My typical type was tall and athletic. And that was my track record. My first three boyfriends was tall and  one was even six foot nine ( I'm only five feet tall).One of my previous boyfriends was none of those things at all. He was five seven average body type and very plain. In fact I wasn't even going to give him the time of day. I told him if he could remember my phone number I would go out with him. To my surprise he called me the next day, we went out, and ended up in a 4 year relationship. It was not what  I wanted or on my specifics list at that time but behold I ended up in a relationship with a man who adored me. 

I don't think you should give up on your dream man, but your dream man could be in front of you and you could completely turn him down and then you are back to " there is no good men left" club. Why? Because you haven't taken the time to see what is in his heart. Don't get me wrong… ugly guys can be dogs too. However, looking beyond the superficial can set you up to be in a happy place. 

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