Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Living in Positivity

It is not easy living in positivity. Daggers comes your way everyday and every day you try your best to ditch and dodge the wrath of negativity. The inhale exhale approach does not necessarily work if you want to grab an ax and start decapitating everyone's head that step in your path. Most people try to live in positivity but go about it the wrong way. A person should not have to try to live in positivity. Forcing positivity is very stressful. In order to have a truly positive life you must have a truly positive outlook. That positive outlook start inside of oneself. We must truly be happy with the positive things about ourselves regarding body, personality, success, love and family.  You only have two choices accept or change. You can accomplish this by accepting your flaws or change those flaws that bothers you.The peace within is what attributes to genuine stress free positive life. So no matter what comes your way, you will not be moved. Even if the Starbucks guy didn't add that extra cream to that first morning cup of joe you will be unbothered. You can go on in life without a fake smile on your face.

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